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The C L Law Solicitor practise provides a civil litigation service, specialising in debt recovery for commercial companies with substantial debt portfolios in excess of £100,000. We work closely with other reputable agencies such as enquiry agents and enforcement officers.

Credit control is an increasingly important part of the modern commercial landscape and our experience in this field stems from a finely balanced consideration of the economics in general, to sending a firm message as to how your organisation reacts to bad payers in particular. We provide realistic advice and achieve effective results — especially in circumstances where sensitivity and tact are required.

Our philosophy is firstly, that in every case, however unpromising, we look at all aspects, including (we might even say especially) those aspects that do not at first sight appear to be directly relevant to the case. And secondly, that it is vital to get to the nub of the case since this is the high ground of the civil litigation battlefield.

If there is any legal issue that you would like to discuss, please see the contact details page for how to get in touch with us.

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